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Dr. Lili Liang believes that there is a story behind every person, including you. Whether it’s a patient in Vancouver who works on a screenplay after his day job or a grandma who travels 5 hours on foot to seek vision care with her on a mountainside in Lima, Peru. Every patient has a story behind why they want to change the way they see the world. 

Dr. Lili graduated with a Doctor of Optometry and a Master of Public Health from Salus University. Through her experiences, she learned that understanding her patients on a personal level can change health behaviour for the better. She now brings that approach to Durant Sessions as your neighbourhood optometrist in Gastown and Mount Pleasant. You can often find her micro dancing to the Samba Jazz vinyl collection housed in the optical boutique or having a debate on who is the greatest female artist of all time, which is Shakira.

 What’s your story? 

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