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Durant Sessions



After 10 years of wandering around the world, I found herself back in Vancouver again. I was looking for something different, a place that celebrates personality and humanity. While I love the science behind optometry, it does not readily personify what I personally embody - creativity, humility and the ability to connect and tell stories. I thrive in the interface where science and defiance meet, challenging conventional optometry. Serendipity brought me to Durant Sessions as I wandered into Gastown in Vancouver. 

This is where our story began.

Durant Sessions honours handcrafted eyewear that seeks to educate as much as it adorns. We celebrate the balance between science and art, converging the two worlds together. Now you can find Durant Sessions in Gastown, Mount Pleasant and Los Angeles' Silverlake.

Along with myself, our team of opticians and stylists welcomes you to the Durant Sessions’ experience.

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