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No referrals required to see your optometrist. All in office optometric services at Gastown and Mount Pleasant will be accompanied by a side of jazz notes.



We’ve all heard of a physical. You know, when a doctor asks you all kinds of prying questions and attaches strange devices to your body. Well, my comprehensive eye exam is similar — except more fun! You’ll get that highly anticipated prescription, but we’ll also go through your history, vision sharpness, focusing system, colour perception, and do screenings for ailments like glaucoma and cataract to make sure your eyes are as healthy as they can be.



Not a fan of frames? Feel comfortable going naked with my custom contact lens fittings. Your eyes are unique, requiring precise measurements to optimize comfort and clarity. We’ll trade stories while I assess your lens prescription, moistness and curves (EYE curves, of course). Tell me the criteria and I’ll do all the matchmaking. You’ll even have a trial date to make sure you’ve found the right match.

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Seek virtual ocular consultation in the comfort of your own own home, or home office, corner office, or work closet. I can answer your questions, triage, and direct you to your most appropriate next step without compromising your safety and privacy. This is also a great way to follow up after an in person visit with me.



I am your primary eye care provider. Skip the walk-in clinic and hospital, and come visit me in Gastown or Mount Pleasant. Whether it's a red eye, dry eyes or something you really can’t explain, I can guide the way so your hypochondria doesn’t crash Google’s servers. If it’s something that requires immediate care, I’ll refer you to a specialist. A quick look could save you some trouble down the road. No referral required! A comprehensive eye exam is required at this visit if you have not had one done in the last two years.



Operations are never easy. It is also a big decision to go for laser surgery, whether it's LASIK or PRK. That’s why I do pre-operation and post-operation care, which makes the transition for you as seamless as possible. I’ll walk you through the process, answer your questions and ensure your eyes are prepared going in, and progressing well on the way out.